Workshops – Preparing For A One-Day Workshop Takes Time, Energy, And Effort

When you are planning your first workshop or seminar, it is easy to fall victim to some mistakes. Whether it is overbooking hotel rooms or going in without a clear strategy or plan, making mistakes like this can quickly turn a successful workshop into a failure. Another mistake that can affect the profitability of your event is letting your expenses get away from you. Many first time workshop planners are surprised by some of the expenses they encounter.

The quickest easiest and Art jamming Workshop most inexpensive are the simple white dust masks that you see all the time in all the home centers and hardware stores. With such protection so easy to find and cheap to buy, you should never be without them.

Whatever space you have can be maximized to make more room for your workshop. One of the most important things that I’ve found is to eliminate unused items. Anything that you can eliminate from the area should be moved. There’s no reason to work around other stuff setting in your way. Find a home for it elsewhere.

Allow questions to drive your Art jamming. If any question asked by a member of your audience is covered later in your workshop, simply say so and let your audience know that you will cover that in a few short moments. But if it is time that you hit on that point being questioned, it is a good gauge for your audience’s interest. Keeping the workshop interactive keeps it alive and helps you stay on cue. Answer a question, explain it in deliberate terms, take your time and think through everything you mean to say. Learn the art of beginning, explaining and wrapping up a point patiently, but efficiently.

Writing and publishing a book is not a get-rich quick scheme. Reid Tracy shared the cold hard facts. Every year traditional publishers add Art jamming new books to the market. Of the 80,000, only 300 produce sales over $50,000 per year. Comparatively, approximately 200,000 self-published books hit the market in a variety of formats including hard cover and eBooks and they generate even less in sales.

There is so much to know about any topic that it would literally be impossible to know everything about it. But, some speakers try to come across as if they know all the answers. Some speakers like Anthony Robbins or Dr. Phil might have all the answers about their topic. But, most of us won’t. And it’s ok.

Write from your soul. Yep, this was the last lesson learned. Wayne Dyer claims that he hasn’t written any of his books. Although he’s been the muscle behind the movement of the pen, the content came from a higher place. His message: Have fun. Let the words flow through you and you might be surprised at what you find comes out in the end.

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