Want A Home Remedy To Cure Yeast Infection? Try This

Tea tree oil is one of the most recommended natural ways for the treatment of nail fungus. This method has been used for many years. The tea tree oil can cure lots of skin infections and fungus problems. The toenail fungus being one of the most common fungal problems for many can also be cured using this effective oil. We can get fungus on out toenails due to the dried sweat that is left inside the nails because of wearing closed shoes for hours. The fungus is a living organism that likes to stay in damp, dark and closed areas. The feel, being always inside the shoes are mostly affected by this. The fingernails can also get this kind of infection, but evidences show that it is more common in the toenails.

Tea Tree oil is one of the few essential oils that you don’t have to dilute before applying to the skin. It is a concentrated natural oil safe for most skin types but those with sensitive skin may prefer to dilute it.

You will probably have read that cistite tea tree oil makes an effective cure for diaper rash. It does, but that is not the only thing it is useful for when it comes to nappies. If you use cloth diapers you will probably store the soiled cloths until you have sufficient for a washing load. Adding a few drops of this oil to the pail will help to disinfect the nappies and prevent the spread of infection.

It also keeps hair and skin healthy. It gives hair that extra luster to make it look healthy and shiny. Just add a few drops of tea tree organic essential oil to your shampoo bottle and it can help with your hair and scalp conditions. It is known to help relieve dandruff and cure head lice.

Gum infections: Using a mouthwash of tea tree oil diluted in water can help remedy and prevent gum disease and plaque. Be careful not to swallow it. Small amounts are not considered toxic, though the stomach might rebel.

When applying vinegar, use a cotton swab directly to the rash area a few times a day to eliminate the ringworm. Don’t forget to wash your face and make sure the skin is dry before using the vinegar and cotton swabs. Remember, vinegar can be harsh to your skin, so test the reaction with vinegar before using it on your face area. Vinegar has anti fungal properties that eradicates the fungus after a few days of treatment. Vinegar works similar to tea tree oil. Vinegar can also be tried for athlete’s foot and jock itch which are forms of the tinea infection.

Tea tree oil can be considered a miracle cure when it comes to healing. It is a considered as highly effective in dealing with scars as well as acne and other skin problems. As time goes by, it has proven itself in doing magic when it comes to skin rejuvenation.

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