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April fool’s day will be here in about a month. So, in celebration, we have compiled some of the best office pranks. Some of these are high tech pranks while others are just classic pranks. You don’t have to be Jim from ‘The Office’ to pull off some of these office pranks on your co-workers this April fool’s day.

For one thing there is no prank videos free cell phone directory that allows you to do a trace for free. But that does not mean that there is no way to do a trace on a number.

When you’re ready to call your husband or wife to play an April Fools Day phone prank, go to the soundboard and get ready for fun. You will have a hard time not laughing during the call. If your home phone or your spouse’s cell phone or office phones are equipped with caller-ID, make sure you dial *67 before dialing the number. If your husband or wife knows the call is coming from your phone, the prank obviously won’t work.

Tape the bottom of your co-worker’s computer mouse and watch them try to get it to work, this is a quick prank, but it is funny to watch the fustration this brings along with it.

If you are getting lots of calls from a prank caller, you have two options on how to deal with the situation. First, you can call your mobile carrier and request to have your number changed. But the thing with changing your number is that it is a short-term solution, which means that sooner or later, this gold digger prank or some other prankster would be able to locate your number and will start calling you again. Now, let’s talk about the second option, which is to use reverse phone number lookup. What it does is it allows you to trace a cell phone, which basically means that you can get the identification of your prank caller and you can put an end to their antics completely.

The Smote looked like a prank pulled off by some deranged lumberjack, who took a real car from Earth, lopped off everything except the front seat, and then glued on headlights and taillights. And the driver looked like somebody who had lost a frat-house bet. There was barely enough room in the car’s cabin for the owner’s manual, much less the owner.

12. Put a sign on the copy machine (make it very professional looking) stating that the machine is now voice activated. Throw in a few commands like say the number of copies you need followed by the command, “copy.” Then say “start” to get the machine going. You will have fun listening to folks talking to the machine until the figure it out.

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