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Most people have some or many documents on their computer that they just cannot afford to lose. That is why backing up your important files on a CD or DVD disc may be a good idea.

So many people ask one question, “If we lost our MKV files, can we achieve MKV odzyskiwanie danych with some software?” Here we bring you the answer, uFlysoft Photo Recovery for Mac.

Computer users know about the Recycle Bin. If you’re into Linux, it’s called the Wastebin; but it serves the same purpose – to store files deleted from the main folders. Now, if at some point you also emptied the recycle bin, whether intentionally or by mistake, and it turns out that they still serve some purpose for you, is there no way of getting them back? The Windows Help menu may say that once a file in the recycle bin is deleted, this is permanently removed from the system. The good news is, this is not entirely true and the files may still be there although not easily accessible. What you need is a reliable file recovery software and you’ll have your files back quickly enough.

Think about the critical data that needs to be backed up. Identify what’s the most important to your company and what computer or computers that data is stored on. Consider the size of the data, and whether you’ll need a growing backup or whether you’ll just replace the data each time a back up occurs. Write out on paper what you’ll need; figure out how many gigabytes, and know where the data is.

Tape drives should only be used for very large amounts of data. They are relatively expensive and slow. They’re great on large networks for after-hours backups, but they’re easily damaged. Tape recovery is difficult and expensive.

In the last year alone, many so called DR firms have sprung up from nowhere with 20 years of DR business history! Clearly this is not possible and suspect and should be examined in great detail, as DR is a complicated business and cannot be learned “overnight”.

Stellar Phoenix Wipe is a simple-to-use, yet effective tool for performing hard drive wipe operation. Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000, this drive wipe tool can perform upto 35 passes and ensures that there is no data in any sector of the hard disk drive.

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