Halloween Music Playlist: Classical And Broadway Music

Organizing a Halloween party for kids can be both extremely enjoyable and at the same time challenging. There are a number of items that you will need to prepare beforehand and a whole bunch of things that may perhaps possibly go wrong. Plus, you’re talking about planning a ghoulish Halloween party for youngsters whose attention span can be as short as a candle wick. The party can easily go out of control with kids getting boisterous, trying to best one another with their costumes, treats, etc.

Keep Candy On Your Desk. People often have candy stashed at work. Halloween is a great excuse to pull out all the stops. Buy unusual candy varieties and present them to colleagues in a plastic pumpkin or a festive bowl . If you’re a prankster, check out this motion activated skeleton hand candy bowl at Sears that catches unsuspecting coworkers off guard by grabbing its candy back.

Fog is another Halloween essential for me. I use two fog machines, one in the house (I hope that stuff isn’t dangerous) with some windows open for ventilation and one outside to highlight whatever creepy item I feel needs it. Usually the creepy item is a 6 foot tall ghost we like to call “scary big man”. I purchased him at a garden centre and probably paid too much, but he’s going on his 3rd year now and I stand by my purchase. He’s totally cool!

All you need for this next game is a large box and a marker. Draw a jack-o-lantern on the bottom of a large box. Cut out the mouth. Have the kids throw small items through the mouth opening. The items can be small balls, bean bags or small plastic items such as mini apples (something to represent Fall or Halloween). The goal is to get as many through the mouth as they can. Each child that takes a turn will get a piece of candy to fill a treat bag that they have been given at the beginning of the game. After each child has had a turn, the one that gets the most through the mouth will be given a small toy like a spider ring or miniature bubbles. They can keep going until they fill their bags up with treats.

Another popular choice is systems that allow you to add music to the system. This makes it easy to allow your doorbell to play your favorite song, Christmas carols, halloween background music free or other music. It also can allow people to be able to play their college fight song or even give messages that they record or have recorded. This is probably giving you some ideas on what you or someone else could choose for their doorbell.

Purple People Eaters – Sheb Wooley: A novelty song from 1958 that has stood the test of time for over fifty years now. It actually reached #1 on the Billboard charts and is a favorite every Halloween. The song was inspired by the child of a friend of the singer/songwriter, Sheb Wooley. It’s about how a strange monster, described as a “one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater”, descends to earth because it wants to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band. The music video is definitely dated, but certainly not this classic Halloween song.

If you’re looking for some fun and games outdoors around the St. Louis area then bring the kids out to the Great Godfrey Maze but don’t forget the flashlight. You’re going to need it for all of the twists and turns if you’re going there at night. The kids will have fun shooting ears of corn out of a cannon. They have hay rides and tea cups and a corn crib. There’s plenty of fun for all.

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