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When a human resource hiring manager gets ready to hire, there are often very key things he or she is looking for. A list of qualifications is set forth. The entire team begins working for the same goal, to outline what this specific job position needs to be filled. Who is the ideal candidate? Sometimes, hiring young talent is the route to go. From ambition to drive and to the willingness to prove themselves, young talent is worthy of your attention. It also helps that these individuals tend to be some of the most affordable employees, too. The question is, where do you find them?

So what do nurses have to do with starting a business? As described above, nurses are in demand. The need for their skills is increasing, but the supply of nurses seems to be decreasing. As a result of this dilemma, companies are trying their best to seek out nurses, offering various incentives to attract employees. starting a nursing agency would put you in demand. Why? Because you have what the companies need.

I want to introduce Austin to Veterinary Staffing Solutions. This company is the reason I moved to Austin from Houston – well, there are A LOT of reasons, but VSS was my excuse.

When hiring a virtual assistant, not only do you need to make sure their skills and abilities mesh with you and your business, but you must also be sure the virtual assistant has enough time to take care of your needs. Very simply ask the potential virtual assistant how many other clients she has, how many hours per week she is working, and how many hours she has to devote to you. Does it work with what you need? If not, move on.

Temping. One thing I hear all the time is, “Wow, I wish I had registered a long time ago!” If you’re unemployed, and you’re not registered with at least one Staffing Agency Portland, you’re basically turning down free help. Even if you’re collecting unemployment, temp work is your friend! Staffing agencies are free, plentiful, and basically an additional pair of eyes looking for work for YOU. For more info on how temping affects unemployment compensation, check out: Don’t let your unemployment checks cloud your job seeking judgment. If you’re just not sure about what temping involves and how the process goes, you can find those answers and more in Temping: How it works and why you should.

Basically for every $100,000 you bill a month, you will only make $2,000 a month. This equals to billing over 1.2 Million dollars a year and you only make $24,000 a years, ouch! Not having a franchise allows you to make over $150,000 a year.

Ken Sundheim runs KAS Placement, a sales and marketing staffing agency specializing in helping both U.S. and International mid to large size firms form sales teams from hiring the executive level sales manager to helping recent college graduates transition to a business development role. On his free time, Ken is a public speaker and likes to read non-fiction.

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