Employers Who Use Twitter To Recruit And Resources To Help You Use Twitter For Job Hunting

Many service-based business owners are leveraging the power of social media in their marketing and brand communication strategies which is wonderful to see.

Step 5 – Setup your site using some type of Blogging software. I recommend WordPress. It is free and easy to use. There are plugins that will allow you to quickly insert your optin box on your blog. Free good looking themes are all over the internet. Create some really good content and post once every 3 to 5 days to your blog for a month while you collect followers. You should not reuse the content in your articles that you have submitted to an article directory, unless you completely rewrite them as fresh content.

3) Add your twitter name wherever you possibly can -> Business cards, email signatures and website banners should be a great start. If you are a retail store/restaurant then every customer should leave the store with a coupon in hand that has your how to change your twitter handle on it loud and clear.

Secondly, for better or worse, I considered, why not make regular tweets, kind of like a blog, but even shorter. I could do short bits on what I do. I decided I would start tweeting about what it is like to be a publisher. I have been hash tagging “#Publishing is… ” I have found this to be quite fun.

I sulked away. Five minutes later, she approached me. I asked why she had yelled what she yelled. She explained that she was a psychology graduate student and was doing research on how males responded to embarrassing situations.

Trying to figure out what value change twitter handle would have for me was the real mystery. What did everyone have to tweet about. I did not understand shortening links, or the value of being limited to 140 characters. Until I thought about the following. One, limiting characters is like limiting words. It helps to be concise. Tweeting for me is like writing practice, doing what I hope and tell others to do.

14. Become known as an expert: By constantly writing about your expertise on a particular topic, people will soon know who you are, remember you and will soon begin to follow you. In addition, engage in Q&A sessions where you can answer all the questions your followers may have, which further establishes your expertise on the subject.

I don’t care how resilient you are-a prolonged job search is a blow to anyone’s ego. That’s why now is the time to rally mutual friends and family members and give support to the person in your life who’s unemployed. If it’s someone in your family, organize Sunday dinners, family outings, and movie nights. If it’s a friend, make a point to meet up with them for coffee, shopping, or football tailgates. If it’s a former colleague, invite them to work happy hours, trade shows, and networking events. Spending time with those who are unemployed will take their mind off the stress of the job search and give them an opportunity to recharge through your love and support.

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