Activities After A Break-Up

I was racing my boss. We were in Formula One race cars at a high-tech video arcade and it was serious. I needed to expand my sales team and he’d been dragging his feet on approving the added head count I needed to hit my sales numbers. I challenged him to this car race to settle the matter. If I won, I got my extra people. If I lost, I got zip and had to make do with the sales reps I had. Second place didn’t count. Make it or break it right now.

Very often it is. Properly planned away days with properly planned team building activities can definitely impact your bottom line. It’s a sad fact though that this is not always the case. Some Team bonding activities Singapore are quite frankly bizarre. Do treasure hunts, saving the planet and mission impossible type scenarios really work? Well, yes and no.

Most of the time, finding an exciting day for your staff is easy. However, if you don’t do any research, you can end up going to an event that you’re not really too sure about. You, as the manager, should know exactly what you expect and you should know what’s going on – make sure you do.

This is a simple exercise designed to build trust and communication skills. It can be performed inside or outside and doesn’t require any special equipment. First prepare the mine field. This is simply a matter of placing objects on the ground like balls or Styrofoam cups or plates within a designated “field”. Next randomly pair up members of the Team building activities. You can draw names out of a hat if that works for you. The idea is for one member to negotiate the mine field with their eyes closed based on the guidance of the second member. So basically you have one team member who cannot see or talk being led by another who can both see and talk but who must not touch or physically guide the other.

Rhymes and songs- Singing is something that attracts a child and improves their speaking skills. Try to make a song from poems and teach them in a singing way. Children will take more interest in this and start learning new words and rhymes gradually.

The fact that teachers need to work as a team is often neglected. These team building games promote greater cooperation among teachers. They also nurture a sense of identification with the school.

Success is based on the things you do every day. Setting your goals for time, and managing yourself in the time you have will help you create the success you want in your personal and professional life. Schedule your daily activities with a start and finish time. Journal your activities for a week and review the journal. Look for areas to improve. Be aware of the distractions in your day. Have time scheduled where you are distraction free and also time scheduled where you can take care of phone calls, emails etc. Create the ideal environment for the different types of activities that you do. These few daily activities will help you achieve your goals for your success.

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