Starting A Kenyan Online Shop

It isn’t hard to make money online today – all you need to know is where to find such opportunities. Below are some of the ways and places to go to get you started on making money on the internet.

Cell Phone – this is for talking to qualified prospects that have shown an interest in your work from home business. Don’t be isolated in one place, spend the money to get a cell phone so you can be mobile and still operate your business.

Always plan for success as an independent assistant. If you get bogged down with a client project, who do you have available as your assistant? A great source of backup help is your local church or even a neighborhood school. Be careful about offloading projects that contain sensitive best virtual office client data though. Check with your lawyer to make sure what you’re on the hook for if something goes wrong.

If you’re doing your own books or worse, you are operating on the “shoebox” method of accounting, you are not taking your business seriously. This is why bookkeepers and accountants exist. For a reasonable fee, you can have a professional take care of the details while you focus on what you do best. You don’t have to hand over your checkbook, just your receipts.

There is an easy solution however, and no you don’t have to hire a receptionist. Get a virtual one instead. An outsourced phone answering service is the answer to all your frustrations. Not around? No problem, your Virtual Office assistant will handle call answering and take messages for you. You’ll never miss another important call or business opportunity again. Call answering has the added bonus of making your business a lot bigger than it actually is. After all, perception is everything. Prices are competitive. Why not trial it and see how you get on? In this fast paced world, people want everything yesterday. Keep your customers sweet by making sure you don’t miss their calls.

There are loads of options here. You can start your own blog or write for other people – this list is endless. You can also work as a virtual assistant typing up documents and sending emails for someone in a virtual office. You can transcribe documents from voice recordings or you can act as an editor for a publishing company. Considered writing an e-book and promoting it online? The lists go on and on if you are handy with a keyboard.

Data entry at home is more relaxing and this is because you will have more time for yourself and for your family. Can you imagine just how much time you will be able to share with friends and family by working at home?

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