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I must confess to being a little nervous about interviewing the Associated Content producer known as Saba, Ink. Saba has carved out a niche for herself as AC’s resident interviewer of those in the hip-hop industry. Of course, that’s not all she writes about. Saba is passionate about everything from self-esteem to the NASCAR lifestyle effect. Brian Joura wrote an article that asked people to nominate their choice for those writers who consistently contribute top quality articles to AC. Saba, Ink would most definitely have to be near the top of that list.

Below is a list of ten of the most famous sets of teeth in pop hitet 2020 history. Some of these figures provide shining examples of how to look after your teeth, while others had teeth which weren’t quite as magnificent as their musical skills!

The Glee cast actually hasn’t done any Beatles songs yet. I figure that’s a given eventually so the old school group on my wish list is the Beach Boys.

Some songs cannot be faithfully replicated by every band. For example, no matter how hard they try, an 80’s one-hit-wonder cover band can’t do James Brown and an R&B band can’t do Radiohead. You should always ask, but recognize that there are limits to what can be done based on instrumentation, arrangements, recording techniques and other factors.

We all overextend ourselves at one time or another. After all, our nature is to give. The problem occurs when we overextend ourselves on a regular basis and our giving becomes hazardous to our sense of well-being.

Yolanda claims that she bought the gun because Selena’s father had threatened her. Strangely Yolanda also has a copy of her resignation to the father, which implies that she was not fired, so what really happened? Yolanda was apparently planning to commit suicide with the gun and it went off. That seems difficult to imagine, but that is what she claims, she fumbled for the gun and it went off. Yolanda claims that she didn’t even know that she had shot her. Is that possible?

Blues has this marvelous ability of getting you addicted to it very quickly. It really is a unique style for jamming and improvising, and one song can carry on for (literally) hours. Not only that, but since other forms of music find their roots in the blues, learning to play the blues will increase your ability in those styles as well.

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