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There is a Bed Bug crisis spreading across the U.S. and Maine is no exception. Despite the fact that sanitation has little or nothing to do with Bed Bugs, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Reserve buying on special occasions or holidays. You can take advantage of discounts and promotions. That way, you can save a lot on best mattress expenses. You might even get that expensive mattress you have been drooling over in the past few months for much less.

The second layer of the inner spring mattress is called the insulator pad. The purpose of this layer is to prevent the top of the crib mattress from sinking into the coils. The highest quality insulator pads are made from coir fiber, a fiber made from coconut shells. Lower quality pads are made from cloth. The third set of layers is the cushioning layers. These are they layers that make the mattress feel soft to the touch. These layers can be made of cotton or foam. It is important that these still provide a firm feel to the mattress.

The size of the futon mattress is important. If it is too small you won’t have enough room for a good sleep; nor will it be comfortable for when it is used as a couch. Mattresses for futons have only three sizes. They are twin, full and queen. A twin size pocket spring mattress is best reserved for children or teenagers due to their small size. A full size mattress is the bare minimum you should have for a futon that will be sleeping a couple. The largest and most roomy size is the queen, and this is the best mattress to sleep two people.

You will also want to think about not reinfesting your home, bring more bed bugs back after you have just eliminated them. Carefully inspect your clothing spring mattress and baggage if you are a traveler. Check for fecal spots. Also rethink the second hand items, beds, bedding and furniture can be an easy way to bring bed bugs into your home.

Latex materials are known to be dense and firm. Thus, it will be very effective in preventing the occurrence of infant or baby suffocation that commonly occurs among those who use soft mattresses during rest. You have to know that the materials used in making latex mattresses are not harmful. Manufacturers do not put harmful chemicals to the material to keep it safe for everybody.

An additional advantage, is that because it is so sturdy, it is not only suitable for use indoors; it can be also used in a tent in the summer, or in the awning of a camper. A universal useful and convenient sleeping place anytime, anyplace, any where.

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