Haunted Roads In California

“Ghost Hunters” TAPS team returns with a great season 7 opener last night. The town of Alexandria, Louisiana has so many haunted places that it was the actual town officials that called the TAPS team in for ghost hunting.

Our second day at the wood carver’s building dawned, and Bob went home for a bit. The rest of us sat in a room on the second floor chatting about the events of the previous day. A couple of people decided to go outside to smoke, but when they tried to open the door to the first floor at the bottom of the stairwell, they found it to be latched from the opposite side. We called Bob, asking if he had locked the door, and he claimed that he hadn’t. Bob came back, and when he went to open the door, it was not latched.

Prime Suspect (NBC, 10pm) – NEW! Jane investigates the murder of a young woman whose body was found in the park; Duffy and Evrard search for the stepfather of a murder victim. In other events, Jane and her dad celebrate an important anniversary.

These experiences have left people wondering. Are they gifted? Did it really happen? I believe those that possess a natural gift can develop those gifts to help others. It actually happens to people more often than you may realize. I have also found this to be true for those that have paranormal experiences. This is one of the many reasons why I founded Central Virginia Psychic Development and plague pits of london online.

America’s Most Wanted: 50 Fugitives 50 States (Fox, 8pm) – NEW! Host John Walsh spotlights fugitives from all 50 states, including ex-Montana militia leader David Burgert, who allegedly engaged sheriff’s deputies in a shootout in June 2011. Walsh visits Paranormal blog online the U.S. Diplomatic Security Command Center in Arlington, VA to explore how the State Department bureau responds to threats against U.S. diplomats and citizens abroad.

Have you ever been called any of these because you like to perform paranormal investigations to help people? Have you ever wondered if ghost hunting aka paranormal investigation and the belief of these spirits defy the word of God? I along with many in the paranormal community along with several religious denominations and church going people have wondered these things.

While some people try to connect their real life with the reel life, most of them only take a little from the movie. Thus watching horror movies can be justified in a lot of ways.

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