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If you’re still not sure how Twitter works, here’s the low-down. Twitter is a microblogging service. It allows users to post short answers to the question “what are you doing now?” in no more than 140 characters. You choose who to follow and other users can choose to follow your updates.

It is an essential to have a company website. Today, almost half the world uses internet to make their regular purchases. Thus, to be a part of the online sales and profit, it becomes necessary that you have an online presence for your products and services.

There are lots of options for attracting visitors. Think about search engine optimisation (SEO) and ask any design agency you approach what their expertise is in this regard. Other options include paid for search / pay per click campaigns, e-book give-aways, interactive content such as blogs and forums, and crucially offline promotions i.e. where can you promote your domain name, for example on your business cards or in press releases.

web design ing has become a very profitable business these days. If you know how to design a website then you can start earning from now. Many newbie’s are unable to design their website and hire someone else to do that for them. Web designers are paid very well for their job. If you do not know create a website then there are many online training programs which teach you in detail about web designing, you can learn through it and also learn about how to upload a website. Always remember to create a simple website keeping similar font and navigation in all the pages, your visitors should not feel lost in your website. Your web design should be such that it directs the visitors directly towards what they are looking for.

There are various options for interacting with your readers, from simple email contact forms, to blogs and forums. Each comes with its own pros and cons. For example, a blog is interactive and great for gaining traction in the search engines; however it needs to be updated regularly with relevant content if you are to look professional. A simple contact form is the easiest and web design agency lowest maintenance option.

When a PDF cannot be highlighted the result is a file that has the same value to the search engine as if you took a document, placed it on a scanner, and transferred the scanned image to your computer. In this scenario the search engine cannot differentiate from a PDF that contains the word “apple” and an actual photo of an apple. To the search engine, it’s all just an image.

Your website needs to be measured on a regular basis. This means reviewing its performance and functionality and making changes as and where necessary.

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