Blogging – Making A Name For Yourself By Blogging

Are you a traveling bee? If you are, would you like to write about your experiences and about the fun adventures that you have had while on one of your trips? And maybe earn a bit along with the sharing? Here is a chance. People always like to talk about their experiences and their life. Why not take up the chance and with the added advantage of earning a bit of money.

However, it is an accepted fact that you cannot always access internet everywhere when you are traveling. The best alternative for maintaining your travel gallery is to make a note of all important things that you want to post on the blog on a piece of paper daily. These may include the places you visit and other things of interest and important events or thoughts. Once you get an opportunity to access the internet, you can easily post all the information on your blog. This way, you will not forget or miss anything concerning your travel blogging. There is no need for you to scratch your head to remember anything to put on your blog.

Now…we move to the savvy marketers who operate their travel blogs as a home based business. Either full-time or part-time. They love travel and making money from home. And, speaking of money, what’s the one thing all these travel blogs have in common? Most of them have AdSense ads on their blogs. When a visitor clicks on these Google Ads, they make money!

If you find a company that does not have an active blog, contact the marketing person via email. Explain who you are (positioning yourself) and what you can do for the company. Keep your self-promotion email to half a page in length. Proofread, check your spelling and sentence structures, and make sure the email is error free! Don’t forget to include links to your blog (portfolio). How to write a business letter the proper way is good to know. Your goal is to receive as many writing opportunities as you can.

You can blog daily: Talk about anything… not just your niche. People want to know who you are. They want to get a sense of you as a person. You can focus your web site on a specific thing and answer questions specifically but in your blog you should just talk to people. Talk about your passions… interest… rants… raves… but blog daily.

(1) Join Twitter and dive right into the travel blogging community. You will be amazed at how helpful everyone will be to help you out down the road. These are going to be your backbone of advice givers, so participate, give back and you will be rewarded.

Promoting others includes doing three things for them: referring, following, and commenting. All of these things are about contributing to the buildup of social buzz for the other person.

One effective method you can do is by featuring a particular travel site where the Global Resorts Network is tied up with. Reveal the things this destination has for its visitors, and since they would be spending a lot, you tell your readers about the different ways where they can get efficient travel destination bookings at a discounted price. This would attract more clients to sign up and purchase memberships, as they know this would come handy whenever they decide to go on a trip.

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